Flash Digital Clock

Please read the disclaimers on the home page before using this software.

This digital clock uses the ActionScript functions available in Flash 5 to show the current time.

It is available as a SmartClip, and has the following features:

To install this SmartClip, you will need to use the Macromedia Extension Manager.

To install, simply download the installation file, and use the Macromedia Extension Manager to install it. Once installed, it will be available within Flash via the Windows -> Common Libraries Menu.

The Digital Clock SmartClip has two parameters that can be set via the Clip Parameters Panel. These are described below:

Parameter Name Default Value Description
bgColor 000000 This is the colour to be displayed as the background of the clock, represented as a hexadecimal RGB value.
fgColor ffffff This is the colour in which the clock digits are displayed, represented as a hexadecimal RGB value.